The Hour I Lived

I wanted a headline that would be a little more exhilarating because a game with a world champion of chess does not happen everyday. It unequivocally deserved a better headline but then there are some things in life when least emphasized has more effect, are more alluring. I exert my mind to find words that could denote the game I played with WORLD CHAMPION V.Anand. While writing this piece it still sends shivers to my spines, nerves and gives pain to my arteries. I think it does even more than that. Freezes the brain itself. So at 3 am, I start writing this article. Crazy as the game of chess,crazy as me. Even though I have an awful memory (Irony of my life). I still have vague but bright memories of the match I played with Vishy Anand in 2000, just after he became the World Champion in 2000 in Tehran, Iran. Anand won his first title defeating Spaniard Alexei Shirov in the final. It was a knockout tournament held in two citites . New Delhi hosted the knockout and the final